1. What is LED?
LED is sanded for light emitting diode, a kind of semiconductor which is used to give and receive the electronic signal into infrared rays or light, using the characteristics of compound semiconductor. This is used for household appliances, remote controller, electric bulletin board, various kinds of automation appliances.

2. What are pixel pitch, pixel density, LED QTY and pixel configuration?
Pixel pitch is the distance between neighboring pixels.
Pixel density is the quantity of pixels per square meter.
LED qty is the quantity of LED lamps per square.
Pixel configuration is the description of the consistence of a pixel, for instance, we use 1 red lamp, 1 green lamp, and 1 blue lamp to compose a pixel, the pixel configuration is 1R1G1B.

3. What are LED type, module size and module resolution?
LED type is the description of LED lamp, for instance, the brand, the shape in physical, the size of the lamp
Module size is the measurement of a module.
Module resolution is the number of pixels per module.

4. What is drive method, driving IC and power supply
Drive method: always we use static, 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan, 1/16 scan, the latter one contributes to less brightness than the former. We always use the static outdoor, and use the different kinds of scan indoor.
Driving IC is the generic term for several kinds of IC, that are used to control the LED lamps, and as a bridge between the control system and lamps.
Power supply: a kind of device that used as a transfer from 220V AC into 5V DC. It always seems like a box in the cabinet.

5. What is viewing angle?
Viewing angle is the maximum angle at which a display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance. It includes horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle.


6. How to choose a proper led screen for your need?

You just need to consider three simple questions when you choose a led screen.

1.Will you use it indoor or outdoor?

2.Is it for rental usage(need to be moved from one place to another place very often) or for fixed installation (to be installed in one place forever)?

3.What is the approximate size of the whole led screen you would like to purchase?


7. How to install it after I received it?

We will offer you the drawing to guide you for installation, we could also offer drawing, software set up drawing or photo or arrange our engineer to help if needed.


8. How could I buy the products I need if there is no price in the website and could I get some samples first?

A: You can send your inquiry to us about the products you need,our sales will reply you within 24 hours to help you make the order.We welcome sample order to test and check quantity.


9. What is a custom LED display?

Custom LED displays can be designed to meet the needs of the user, taking into account all of the above for easy maintenance. Of course, maintenance can help to increase the service life of any electronic device, and measures are taken during the production process, so that maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

A custom LED display, as the name suggests, can control anything with any message you can think of. They are used in almost all industries, such as factories, banks, airports, universities, libraries, etc.

Custom LED displays are mounted on the wall or suspended from any ceiling for broadcasting information viewed from any distance. In addition, the brightness of these custom LED displays can be displayed very clearly at any distance.


10. I would like to ask you if it's possible to have my logo on the product.

A: We hope you know that our company perfectly support customized logo service. But, we also hope you know that it's an extra-service,so a little bit extra service fee is needed.