Add Oil! Be Strong! Shenzhen Bako Vision@ISE2020


Add Oil --- which is a Chinese expression that people say to encourage each other when they are in difficult time.


“are you all fine?”, “sorry for your suffering, but are you still coming to Amsterdam?”, “heard Samsung and LG won’t come, how is your decision?”…


So many customers keep asking us like the above.


We answer: Yes, we are here @ ISE 2020 Amsterdam !


Without any expectation, the outbreak situation become worse in the beginning of 2020, Bako Vision cabin crew consisted of 12 staff for our 80sqm 3 sides open booth at ISE 2020, but later we got to know some were stuck in hometown, some airlines canceled…Eventually, we have only 3 people landed in Amsterdam successfully!


Remember the 3 real superheroes of Bako Vision:


Sales Director: Mr Rick Zhang

Sales Engineer: Miss Rosa Wu

Sales Engineer: Miss Wong






Only 3 sales guys, only 2.5 days, without any hesitation, we assembled totally 120sqm LED displays at this ISE 2020! And we are so proudly to answer to all of our customers: YES, WE ARE HERE.


This is the core spirit of Bako Vision: DO IT, NEVER LET YOUR CUSTOMER DOWN!


Look at the set of pictures showcasinging what they have built up and presented at this ISE, for all of our high valued customers:


UHD-1.2 High Precision Small Pitch



BIR-2.6 High Definition Rental Product



 Seamless GOB Poster 2.5mm




Welcome to inquire us more: