A Better View of 2021

As a famous saying goes, “I come, I see, I conquer”.
10 KM hiking, 80-90 degree angle climbing, 5 hours scorching…did not stop our new sales team’s steps, they put firmly their footprints on the coast lines, on the cliffy mountings.
In the difficult 2020, we still have 8 colleagues whose sales volume have reached to 1 Million CNY, as a new generation of our Sales Stuff, the 8 heroes successfully joined in Bako Vision’s Millionaire Club.





To accomplish 1 Million CNY order, salesperson suffered a lot: no project leads, suspended procurement, events canceled…all happened and happening from 2020 till now, but when our sales stuff conquered all challenges and grew up as a top sales, everyone will see a better view of the world.

Same like this mountain hiking, stop hesitance, keep moving forward, focus on the exclusive goal, the only rest thing left is just PERSISTENCE.



All arenas need sweat and fight, quite frankly, so does a sales career: You enjoy in labor and bitterness as you love the career so much, anything else? Nothing succeed like success, get your whip ready, keep your chin up, cheers for a better 2021.